Solidary purchases that give more!

We believe that entrepreneurs and people with atypical profiles have the power to promote solidarity business, because it's them who transform the ways business thinking and using our services, but also because the corporate social responsibility is a important gesture that adds value to the responsible for sustainable business world in our moving society.

In our mission, WOB and Valentina Program offer capacity building trainings to give a better chance to find a quality job for people who can't afford studing for a long time period. In order to provide greater accessibility to employment or to maintain or create a job, our capacity building training services are designed to provide accessible management and production tools in information technology in a alternative education based on practical and accelerated lessons.

We're asking for your support to help us connect with partners in employability, mobility, school dropout and poverty alleviation.

We invite you for this fundraiser to give generously on our Uniterra program, the international cooperation program that allows this evolution. Funds raised by volunteers go directly to innovation programs with partners in the field and all without management fees.

Volunteer fundraising Uniterra makes it possible for the program to continue, while allowing people like you to put their knowledge, skills and expertise to work for a more egalitarian world. We thank you for your effort and commitment!

To do more, WOB also offers another way to participate in this fundraising, purchases of solidarity projects, products and services offered by WOB in creating digital projects that support some of the common organizational needs such as development website creation, online store, logo creation (or acronym) and professional business card in an integration of our teaching activities giving students a real experience where the expert-trainers ensure the quality of the deliverables.

Visit our section, creations of solidarity projects and participate in our fundraising!

WOB will give for each sale made:

The remaining profits will be used by WOB to provide free training for the poorest people who do not have access to subsidized programs.

n addition, you benefit for a limited time from an additional 5% discount to thank you.

The promo code is: #ProgramaVALENTINA.

You do not need our services, it is possible, but you would like to participate. You can still help us by relaying this publication on your social networks to help us make known our action.

Thank you for your generosity.