Open for solidarity leaders.

We create an alternative education that helps most vulnerable people to create their autonomy. With a measure of employment or self-employment with reinforcement of their capacities. Undoubtedly it’s a beautiful way to give them a chance building their autonomy so they can be involved into society in a useful, interesting manner and in a fullfilling way.

We work with associations and different types of groups :

And also :

For an entrepreneurship awareness component.

We use similar, but different tools from traditional teaching, in a unique WOB approach that involve practical training in co-development which promotes creativity and autonomy. It’s from basic themes, over more or less time, that we propose a personalized approach à la carte. We build with participants and our partners training adapted in collective intelligence for employability objective.

This video of Mr. Ken Robinson expresses well the spirit of it.

Ken Robinson tells us why the traditional school model kills creativity.