New adaptable and manageable Website for ROCLD

We are very pleased to present to you the Regroupement of the Quebec Community Organizations fighting against the school dropout (ROCLD) which since August 31st has had a new Website to better answer their needs of handling it easily. Asked by the employees to maintain the online content, the Website improvement project was part of a co-development approach through practical training given to them. We thank all the team for their trust, their hospitality and their organizational support, which allowed the project to succeed in time for the start of the new school year.

Having undergone a redesign, especially to make the Website more accessible by adaptability to smart phones and digital pads, the ROCLD has made the choice to meet this need, now unavoidable. In addition, a new secure access for members of the group has been designed to provide them with access to specific information related to community initiatives in the fight against school dropout. The OCLD section has a new search tool that finds OCLDs and their coordinates with a map more quickly and easily by locating them by regions, sectors, neighborhoods, MRCs or geolocation, if activated by the user. Several other value-added elements have been redesigned or created, including the training program with integrated ticketing. The online booking of space for the various events offered by the ROCLD and the OCLD members is running. A clearer vision of the activities is presented by a timeline of future actions.

Here are some screenshots of the project, you can of course also check the Website at www.rocld.rog

Let’s remember that ROCLD’s mission is to foster dialogue and exchanges between community organizations working on the issue of school dropout, to ensure their representation as a privileged interlocutor with various public and community bodies, and to support them in the consolidation and development of their activities.

Since the 1980s, when ROCLD observed growing problems of poverty and social integration among young people, community organizations have developed alternative solutions for individuals whose career in educational institutions proved more difficult for some young people.

Community action is an essential contribution to the exercise of citizenship and social development in Quebec to ensure the mission of autonomous community action organizations. WOB stands in solidarity with this cause and will work to support these organizations to foster their success in inclusive education efforts.

WOB believes that the promotion and support for fighting against school dropout go through alternative education, the WOB approach is proven. The co-development promotes the full potential of young people through diverse backgrounds that allow them to live a professional career that they chose and built. We work towards inclusive, accessible and equal educational success through a training program tailored to their needs, needs and aspirations.

A new project that will allow young people to live a different way the school experience in a unique WOB approach of co-development by practice is being developed by our team of expert-trainers. The project will be unveiled very soon and the entire civil society will be invited to participate.

Stay tuned for information!