Michel Poulin

With more than 15 years of experience in audiovisual production, Michel has brilliantly completed numerous major projects that have allowed him to participate in various organizations in the cultural, corporate and sustainable development sectors.

Expert-trainer WOB

Michel Poulin, audiovisual specialist. (Michel Poulin photo credit)

Through his educational approach, Michel actively participates in the construction of sustainable social projects to rethink human values ​​in a professional approach focused on integration into the labor market. Michel is an entrepreneur and founder of a company in the audiovisual field and has a photo and video production studio.

For Michel, education is a key element in the human and social development of a community. He has offered trainings throughout Quebec (Canada), particularly in Montreal and Gaspésie in Aboriginal communities. Abroad, he has carried out humanitarian missions in Mexico and Colombia.

The training it offers aims to build technical capacity, develop organizational and entrepreneurial skills, empower participants and provide them with sustainable employment opportunities.

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