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Logis Phare lights up parents path for helping children

As we know, addiction breaks lives, yet this subject does'nt have the popular coast because it's complex, difficult to tackle and misunderstood. The not-for-profit organization Logis Phare primarily helping pregnant women, single-parent families and couples with children, with one or both parents on opioid substitution therapy. Logis Phare offers alternatives and solutions to protect children under 5 years. Does education and parenting promotion skills. It enables beneficiaries developing their autonomy and skills to develop tools for their social integration. Logis Phare collects your donations via their Website with platform and wants help from organizations and spokespeople who want to support this cause.

Because of poor support from general population, organizations and society in general have a dim view in drug favor abuse and lack of appealing for this cause. Obviously addiction, just like alcoholism is ugly and that's why it's important to take care of it. This marginalized cause has serious consequences for lives of very young children who are just starting their lives. As a source of many problems, drug addiction is very often linked to emotional deprivation, education, mental health, etc. Unfortunately, these problems affects poorest with also often least educated and left them behind.

Logis Phare was set up by the Center for Research and Assistance to Narcotics (CRAN) which has supported them financially since its creation in 2005. This financial support stopped on April 1, 2017, when CRAN was grouped at the CIUSSSS South Center of the Island of Montreal. This represents a significant shortfall that forces them to use ingenuity to develop new sources of funding but the work is difficult.

Logis Phare it's two person, his director Mr. Daniel Harpin who also recently has to getback working as a intervening to be able achieving his mission, because current limited conditions, budget and social commitment for his cause weigh more more on the shoulders of the organization. With the help of a single other worker, he accompanies every family on a daily basis who stays in their seven homes. Logis Phare offering stable, safe and healthy living environment that allows parenting skills development and creation of a support network community. This, for preventing relapse problems associated such as parental neglect, domestic violence, crime, etc.

We're proud having contributed to the creation of the Logis Phare Website, including their logo. We work with them helping them find support they need by soliciting donations and recommendations to the organization for financial assistance that can help them.

Thank you for supporting this cause as you can.

Listen to this interview with Logis Phare at Radio-Canada, which explains the challenges of this cause. (only available in french)

Give generously and talk about it, for example by simply sharing the information so that taboo is no longer one!