Helena Arroyo

Scientific facilitator, lecturer and teacher, Helena has more than 20 years of practice in the field of environment and sustainable development. Specializing in environmental education, waste management and recycling, she has also carried out various missions related to biodiversity and ecological agriculture.

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Helena Arroyo, environmental specialist.

Following three years of study in biology at the National University of Córdoba in Argentina, she completed her studies in environmental geography at Concordia University in Montreal. Helena also studied First Nations at the Institute of Aboriginal Cultures.

This impressive roadmap has taken her to 56 countries around the world, discovering cultures and diversity. A passionate environmentalist and passionate about the environment, Helena has worked on numerous wildlife research and conservation projects.

Today, her favorite sector is sustainable development and everything related to it. In recent years, she has been an environmental advisor on international cooperation projects in Guatemala, Senegal and more recently in Bolivia. She has given co-development workshops and lectures on various topics related to her area of ​​expertise.

She is offering training to emerging entrepreneurs who want to integrate sustainable development into their company’s logistics value chain in order to improve their way of doing business in order to seize new opportunities related to the eco-friendly business world. It helps entrepreneurs create a profitable and responsible ecosystem for their microebusiness to be turned towards a sustainable social economy.

Her trainings take the form of workshops where interactions and practical exercises promote the learning of ecological values ​​and their practical integration in an economic model that adds value to the organization of participants.

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