Fawzi Ait-chabane

With over 20 years of combined experience inengineering design, research and development, finance and business development. Fawzi offers its skills in supporting entrepreneurs to help them in financial management.

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Fawzi Ait-chabane, specialized in finance and business development for microbusiness.

Fawzi has a degree in engineering, graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Algeria, and from Polytechnic University of Montreal. Because he worked for a financial services firm, he can also advise on financial security and group savings. Fawzi is an entrepreneur and co-founder of a startup.

It is with the intimate conviction that each person has the ability to pursue and fulfill their dreams of starting a business, that Fawzi offering training in the form of practical workshop sessions, where you will learn the related financing aspects to start up a microbusiness.

It’s in a human approach, toward to the challenges of funding, that it helps emerging entrepreneurs in the development of their business plan, by breaking it down in a logical progression to facilitate understanding. He cover it with many topics that make up the business plan in its different parts, going through the financial feasibility study, risk management, sales and prospecting, intellectual property, organizational and legal structure, even your personal finance can be a important part of it to protect your assets.

His trainings take place in the form of workshops where the interactions and the practical exercises give to the participants a good economic view with insight of legal aspects related to the microbusiness.

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