Creation of an international community dedicated to employability.

A new international job creation component is being explored to create new ways of addressing the challenges of employability in an international context of people mobility.

The creation of a community and a network dedicated to employability for the mobility of people today makes it possible to connect atypical talents, quality employers, recruiters and entrepreneurs.

We need your participation to put it into action.

The WOB Digital Talent Management Platform serves as a springboard for partners interested in this employability measure for diverse talents in the field of communications and information technology management, which may or may not be complemented by our training in capacity-building to improve the employees skills and abilities and job-seeking talents, as well as self-employed entrepreneurs, collectives and micro-businesses.

It is therefore addressed to:

We are opening up a new field of job creation opportunities in the information technology (TIC) sector and entrepreneurial management to enable all those who wish to benefit from capacity building training. for autonomy in a context of mobility of people.

It's in partnership with organizations from all sectors of activity that we wish to create for them resources with leadership, enterprising, resourceful and competent by providing them with the technological and management tools that make the success of today's organizations.

We invite interested organizations and candidates to register on our platform so that we can continue to develop the best analytical tools that allow the match of employer and candidate couples to create wealth for all stakeholders.

Our mission of alternative education is open to all without discrimination. It is offered to people open to the world in a spirit of creating wealth of human resources.