Create a marketing communication LinkedIn page

Learn how to create a LinkedIn business page in 1 day.

Aimed for entrepreneurs who want to create their business page on LinkedIn for their microbusiness, this training is offered in partnership with communities, associations, cooperatives and similar organizations that support capacities development for marginalized or disadvantaged people so that they can create their own jobs.


8 hours training

The objective of this one (1) day training is to understand and know the fundamentals of creating a business page on LinkedIn, the most important professional network of the day as part of a microbusiness project.

Basic objectives

  • Learn how to create a company page on LinkedIn;
  • Acquire the best IT tools for microbusiness;
  • Understand the basic principles of good written communication in a professional context.


  • Entrepreneurs wanting to have good written presentation text for effective marketing communication in a short time.

It is in the form of a 1-day introductory training that the practical work training and teaching will be given.

Our methodology involves making written communication materials to introduce the participant's business. In this way, we make sure that all participants will have at the end of the seminar texts of professional marketing communication, basic element of good marketing communication, which includes the preparation of text content for the Web.


Our method promotes an informal, relaxed, egalitarian, friendly learning environment, centered on self-esteem, the desire for collaboration and the needs of learners. Our practice uses autonomy to build the capacity to adapt to change.

Our training will promote the full exploitation of intellectual resources. A balance between the training structure and a degree of autonomy and freedom of choice is left in the hands of the learner.

Partner registration

We ask all our interested partners to answer these questions for a pre-selection.