Babacar Diagne

Solidary partner Babacar Diagne

Babacar Diagne, president of the Business Council of Senegal.

Mr. Babacar Diagne is President of the Senegal Business Council (CDES), an employers’ organization representing hundreds of companies in Senegal. A serial entrepreneur, he lived in the United States for a few years to come back to Dakar, Senegal, to his country of origin to promote entrepreneurship. Regularly invited to give speeches in various media Senegalese to explain the environment and business issues. He organizes and participates with his team and CDES members in national and international economic meetings.

Babacar is an excellent business developer with a unique charisma and leadership. He is also a fine negotiator who knows how to adapt to different cultural contexts. He is very familiar with West Africa and its ways of doing business. He believes in the strong economic potential of Africa, which he wants to see emerging on the international stage. He firmly believes that the emerging plan of Senegal will be achieved through the unifying fabric of microenterprises, small and medium enterprises and industries. That’s why he works with his group to set up with them innovative projects creating massive jobs such as the House of Enterprise of Senegal (MES).

In addition, it helps entrepreneurs in the appropriation of useful and practical knowledge to develop their skills and their business networks in a logic of sustainable development and solidarity.

Its group, the CDES, offers its members advisory services and training in capacity building on various aspects related to the world of entrepreneurship. It is also an essential reference for obtaining economic information often difficult to access in his country. Among other things, he guides and assists local and international companies in the success of their entrepreneurial projects, particularly in Senegal and West Africa, thanks to his solid and broad business network. It must be said that he travels so often to Europe and North America to seize opportunities to develop new markets. A man of proactive confidence, he can safely bring entrepreneurs who want to invest in West Africa.

His social values ​​are geared towards cooperation and wealth creation in a win-win exchange. Its strength lies in the representation of its partners in public and private partnerships (PPP) in Senegal. Babacar is the best person to support micro, small and medium enterprises and industries in their development of the African markets.

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