WOB humanist vision

World Open Business (WOB) adds value to a proposal for management services and information technology, Web and digital by giving more destitute people from diverse socio-cultural context the opportunity to learn through adapted training.

Offered by experts, with the cooperation of private and public partners in different fields, trainers teach managerial management and best practices in the field of information technology.

Together, they work to giving them skills with tools for helping to create microbusiness that can also be used for their employability.

From here and all around the world.

Teams of trainers and partners from all around the world are created and training are already offered. Will be added over weeks, months and years to come other formations to continuously build this new way of doing education for an economic impact in social and solidarity business. 

The constructive forces deployed by our team of expert trainers allow student-learners and organizations to share their learning needs and those of organizations to obtain information technology services, Web services and digital.


  • Public organizations

  • NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations)

  • Cooperatives and associations

  • NPOs (non-profit organizations)

  • Microenterprises (startup)

  • Small and medium businesses

Thank you for supporting our mission.